Elijah's Birthday and Mother's Day 120

Hi I’m Meghan, the creator of Meghan Stacy Photography.

My dream has always been to have a natural childbirth. Specifically, a waterbirth at home with my husband, doula, and midwife by my side. We even researched natural childbirth for years before we started trying to conceive. My mother birthed and breastfed all four of her children, so I had that strong example to help me in my dreams. But, God had different plans for us. After many years struggling and my husband and I decided to look further into adoption. We had always wanted to adopt, but after we had biological children. After 7 years trying to conceive, we decided it was time. Little did we know, was it the perfect time! In 2013 we were blessed with not one, but two little boys! Our older son was 3 and our younger son we got at 4 days old from the hospital. They have been such an incredible blessing! I love being a mom.

William Everett 002

I still have such a passion for natural birth. Birth photos move me in such a way, it’s hard to explain. You can trust, I will take my time and give all the attention to the little details that I would love to have. I want your birth photos to be your most precious treasures, that you will be filled with joy looking at for years to come. I want it to be so raw, so real, you feel like it happened “just yesterday”. I want you to feel powerful, strong, and beautiful. Because you SO are! God has given your body this amazing ability to make, care for, and deliver a child!

Do you have to have a “natural” childbirth to use me? No, of course not. I do not give you any medical advice or opinions. If you are being induced or have a Cesarean scheduled, I will still be by your side to capture YOUR birth.

Some Facts.
I have never known a time when I wasn’t creating art. From infancy I doodled, then the doodling turned into my drawing a collection of portraits of my family. In middle and high school I couldn’t take enough art classes. I also took classes at the Eastern Shore Art Academy, there I learned to be less of a perfectionist and more fluid in my art. This was probably one of the most important lessons I have carried with me in my life and in my art. After high school I decided to take some photography classes at my local college. There I learned basic photography and dark room skills. As the world started changing to digital I evolved with it and bought a Nikon D60, currently I shoot with the D7000.

Some Fun Facts.
I am a huge nerd. I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Firefly, Dr. Who, Sherlock and pretty much any sci-fi/fantasy show I can get my hands on. I love to knit, crochet, sew, craft. I am a stay at home mom. I am literally living my dream thanks to my amazing, supportive husband. I love animals! We have two poodles, a African Spur Thighed Tortoise, and a Parrotlet. I’m a true southern girl at heart, born in Pensacola, FL. Salt water runs through my veins…and sweet tea.

I can’t adequately describe to you the passion that wells up inside of me when I am asked to photograph your family. For you to let me into your lives to capture the closeness and love you share as a family unit, is truly a gift.

I try to capture the truest, purest moments in your life. I want to really feel who you are in the images. I love to create art with each shot, but also understand that most images barely need editing. Raw emotion with little tampering is usually best. I want to be your journalist.  I want to be there in the moment capturing your family.  I will do some posed shots at request, but the majority of my images will be lifestyle.  What is lifestyle? Lifestyle is capturing moments as they happen.  I want to document your family just as they are.  I specialize in birth photography and lifestyle newborn, but am also available for nursing sessions and babywearing sessions.

I’m so looking forward to working with you and your family!