Precious Moments

What is the First Glimpses Session?  This session is for right after baby is born.  I shoot the whole family's "first glimpses" of the new little one.  This session takes place during the daylight hours.  Most people choose this session within the first 48 hours of life.   I will come and capture you bonding and meeting your little one.  This session usually features siblings, grandparents, and family meeting the new baby.  Your baby starts changing so fast.  You will want images of all those first milestones and your baby's birth day!  If you choose to wait until baby is bathed and you are refreshed, we can do this session then.   You can choose who you wish to be there for these moments.

Who is this session for?  This session is for moms who might not be comfortable having their actual birth photographed, those on a budget restraint, those with medical conditions or high risk births.

How long does the session last?  I know you will be extremely tired after bringing your precious blessing into this world.  I try not to stay in your hair too long.  I'm usually there for an hour or two.  I will edit a couple of images quickly and email to you, so you can share via email, text, or social media.  I know you can't wait to show the world your new squish!  I will have the rest of the images within two weeks.

Session fee: $250 and you will receive a disc with all edited non copyrighted images.