The Lifestyle Newborn Session is one of my favorite sessions.  I will come into your home within the first week of your baby's life.  All the hustle and bustle of the hospital has died down, you are in your own environment now.  You are finally getting adjusted with this new little being that has came into your lives.  Dad is usually still home from work, in laws and family have made sure you have gotten some rest.  

Some things capture and lifestyle sessions may include, but are not limited to: diaper changes, bath time, snuggles and cuddles, feeding/nursing sessions, naps, babywearing.  I will get some shots of all the family cuddled up on the bed.  I will also, just sort of follow you around and document you and you tend to the baby's needs.  Your life has changed in such a drastic, yet beautiful way.  I will also capture sweet details of the baby's room and document some of the real life ways your home has changed.  Family pets are also welcome in these sessions!

My newborn session fee is $250.  These sessions can range from 2 to 4 hours.  We want to capture baby eating, sleeping, and also awake and alert.  It takes time to capture all these moments.  The atmosphere will be relaxed and quiet. There will not be many posed shots.  I will bring some blankets and pillows to capture a few shots of the baby by him/herself.  I will also bring my babywearing wraps for if you'd like a beginner session on how to wrap, or if you just want to borrow some of mine for the shoot. 

I do offer a $50 discount if you book a Lifestyle session with your Birth Journey's session.