Baby W- Newborn Lifestyle Session

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I had so much fun with this family.  I really enjoy lifestyle newborn sessions.  The kisses and cuddles were so sweet to witness.  I was able to photograph Waverly's birth; her parents also wanted a few quiet moments at home to be captured.  They are such a beautiful family with two sweet children.  If you're interested in our lifestyle newborn session please contact me.  

Baby W’s Birth Journey

Baby Waverly came earthside almost a month early.  Mama had a rough start, but she had an amazing support team.  I highly recommend Holly with Birthing Tree for a doula.  She did an amazing job helping Leah with pain management using massage and breathing techniques.  From the moment I walked into the hospital room there was a serene calmness that I didn't expect to find in a hospital.  Holly really did a great job with the atmosphere.  There were oils being diffused and soothing music playing on the ipad.  Leah didn't have to push for very long before baby Waverly surprised us by coming out sunny side up.  I was excited to capture her first expressions coming into the world.  She is such a sweet precious baby and I can't wait to capture a few lifestyle family portraits for them next week.  What a perfect Christmas present she is.  I think her sweet big brother thinks so too!

First Glimpses – Baby Claire

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Baby Claire is my beautiful niece.  She was delivered unexpectedly 4 hours away from home.  My sister in law was down for my baby sister's wedding, and went into labor.  My brother rushed down from Birmingham just in time.  I'm so happy we were able to meet baby Claire.  I was only able to snag a few pictures.  She's such a doll and I'm so happy to be an aunt again!

Lifestyle Newborn Shoot- Baby E

Ethan's mama and I are great friends.  We met years ago when I used to work for Clinque.  She is also a photographer, so you can imagine we had a lot to talk about.  We kept in touch throughout the years and took family photos for each other, then along came Ethan.  I was so excited when Summer wanted me to take his newborn photos at their home.  He was sweet as peaches and the perfect little model.

Please contact me if you would like to have lifestyle newborn pictures.  These are best done during the first week of life.  Babies change from hour to hour, you don't want to miss these first special moments bonding in your home.

Burris Babywearing Session

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This was one of our mini-babywearing sessions. We run a special where we will do “mini sessions” a couple times of year. The farmers market was a great place to snag some babywearing shots or Mr. Henry and his mama. He has the coolest blue eyes. His mama and I are great friends and I had a lot of fun taking these photos for them. Babywearing is so beneficial in many ways. It keeps your tot safe so you can shop for one! Henry loves snuggles on his mamas back, and we often go on walks together with both of us wearing our big boys. Slow down baby Henry! I can’t believe you are almost one!














Mommy and Me

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Mommy and me sessions are great for babywearing, nursing, or just hanging out with your precious little one. These shots were taken by my husband of Everett and I when Everett was 6 months old. I set the settings on my camera and he snapped away. I think he did an excellent job. It was a very special shoot to me, and I'm so happy to have these images of just me and my baby. These days and moments pass so fast and then they are just memories. It can be hard to remember all their leg rolls, fuzzy hair, and toothless grins. This is why the Mommy and me sessions are so special. These are shots you will want blown up and hanging above your couch.

Mira’s Babywearing Session

What's better than a new squish?  Wearing one!  A new baby only 2 weeks old, sweet Mira loves to be worn.  Her mama snuggled her in tight and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.  Babies, especially new babies, love the security of being snuggled up next to mama.  After all, they have been in the womb snuggling for so long, it's all they know!  As a fellow babywearer I LOVE babywearing shoots.  If you are interested in learning to wrap, shoot me a message.  I have plenty of wraps in my arsenal and would love to give you a short lesson and then photograph you and your little one. 

Anna Beth Newborn Session

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Anna Beth was such a sweetheart to photograph. I don’t usually do posed newborn shots, but I have been photographing Anna Beth’s family for years so I got a couple for her mom. If you book a newborn shoot with me it will be a lifestyle session during the first 2 weeks of your baby’s life. There will be a few posed shots, but not many. I will mostly capture the family interacting with the new baby, nursing sessions, bath time, babywearing, and lots of cuddles from mama and papa.

Anna Beth slept well for me for most of the shoot, but she was very alert for part of the time. She loved to be all warm and cuddled up in blankets. She is such a joy to photograph.